Performance monitoring

PLENR provides support throughout the year in order to visualise the performance levels of wind farms and solar power plants. We define together the key indicators and provide you each month with the inherent dashboards and with an annual audit report of your installation based on a site visit, documentary analysis and data compilation. This annual report also includes an adjustment of the production levels. 

Technical inspections

Depending on the characteristics of your power plant, PLENR and its partners are able to offer a wide range of technical inspections (visits, thermography, endoscopy, blade inspections, electrical measurements…).

Revision and producible resetting

This service can be provided independently of a monthly follow-up of your installations. It is a review based on the analysis of production, performance and correlation with meteorological or reanalysed data. 

Wind index and production index

PLENR offers different monthly wind and/or production indexes allowing you to compare your resource on a monthly basis in relation to the long term.


A monthly wind index map for the whole of France, based on reanalysed NCEP1 data. See below: 

More precisely, for a given power plant, monthly wind and production indexes based on the new reanalysed MERRA-2 data, or on CFSR/CFS data are proposed; these indexes are described in the document below:

An example of a rendering sheet for these monthly indexes obtained with Merra-2 data is shown below: